The Birthday Celebration of Sri Ramakrishna 2014

MTO Sufi Society® were invited to take part in the festival of ‘Unity in Diversity’, marking the birthday of Sri RamaKrishna. Keynote speakers from various faith groups and the local MP attended to present their views on the theme. We presented a speech discussing the principle of unity within Sufism,

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SOAS Interfaith Music Festival

On 28th February 2014, MTO Sufi Society® members took part in the SOAS Interfaith Music Festival; ‘Coexist’. The festival is devoted to encouraging interfaith dialogue and providing the opportunity for faith groups to express their faith through music. A few members of our Zendeh Delan® ensemble had the opportunity to

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SanKTus Winter Shelter

On 25th February 2014, representatives of MTO Sufi Society® made a visit with a number of Jewish Interfaith representatives to the SanKTus Winter Shelter, who do an amazing job of supporting the homeless and jobless in the winter months with relief and support aids. The aim of the visit was

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Mayor of London’s Interfaith Reception

On 18th November 2013, MTO Sufi Society® were invited by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and the Interfaith Forum to attend a reception at London’s Living Room in City Hall as part of Interfaith Week. MTO Sufi Society® members had the opportunity to network and meet various interfaith organisations

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Identity through Art

On 13th November 2013, MTO Sufi Society® hosted an interactive workshop at Westminster University titled ‘Identity through Art’. The workshop provided students and staff with the opportunity to discuss Identity from various perspectives. The discussions led to a clear distinction made between identity and personality. Students were then encouraged to

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Identity Workshop at Goldsmiths University

On 2nd October 2013, MTO Sufi Society® held a workshop at Goldsmiths University of London to discuss and explore the reality of identity. Students discussed various perspectives and theories and were introduced to a Sufi perspective of the topic. Together the students created the letter “I” to represent the reality of

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Haringey MultiFaith Forum meeting

Students of MTO Shahmaghsoudi® London attended the Haringey MultiFaith Forum breakfast meeting held at Tottenham Police Station. It was a great opportunity to discuss future community projects with the Mayor of Haringey, Sheila Peacock and to raise concerns of the faith communities with the Borough Commander. The morning highlighted the

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Fresher’s Fair

MTO Sufi Society® members warmly welcomed students at the following universities during freshers week: Goldsmiths, Westminster, Queen Mary, King’s College and Hertfordshire. We raised awareness of our activities to current and new students as well as members of staff. There was also opportunity to network with various student bodies such

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Project Argus

MTO Shahmaghsoudi® London was invited to Project Argus hosted by the Metropolitan Police in partnership with Haringey Multi Faith Forum. All the various faith groups in the community were invited to network and learn how to be vigilant and prepared in case of a potential terrorist attack. Assistant Commissioner, Cressida

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