28th Annual Multi-Faith Pilgrimage for Peace

MTO Sufi Society® attended the annual Multi-Faith Pilgrimage for Peace in Hertfordshire, attending several places of worship including a Church, Mosque, Buddhist Temple, Synagogue, and Druid Temple, engaging in dialogue and interfaith with members of each group. It was a day of true unity between the various religious groups in

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MTO Sufi Society® members become Interfaith Ambassadors!

MTO Sufi Society® was invited by Faith Matters – an organisation committed to promoting interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution – to take part in a series of workshops and seminars. The purpose of the workshops were to network with various individuals in the community and to become interfaith ambassadors. We

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Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing

MTO Sufi Society® was invited to partake in a Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing event held by Goldsmiths University Student Union. At the event we discussed how Tamarkoz® in particular helps reduce some of the symptoms of mental health. Through deep breathing and concentration in particular the stresses of being

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Health and Self Knowledge

On 5th February 2013, MTO Sufi Society® held an event titled ‘Health and Self Knowledge’ at Westminster University. Students and staff were invited to learn about the principles of Sufism and the importance of balance for self-knowledge. The event consisted of various informative talks and discussions. We also held a

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Beating the Winter Blues

MTO Sufi Society® hosted the ‘Beating the Winter Blues’ event at Goldsmiths University of London on 30th October 2012 and also King’s College, University of London on 14th December 2012. The event focused on promoting health and wellbeing and its importance within Sufism. The event consisted of a series of

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