For those who believe and whose hearts are set at rest

by the remembrance of Allah; verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!

Holy Quran (13:28)

Zekr literally means remembrance, specifically remembrance of the Beloved.

The intention of zekr is to remind the seeker of the delicate aspect of existence, to replace the noise of daily living with the steady resonance of existence. The practice gives the seeker the strength and motivation to stay on the path and never forget the goal.

As with all practices, full attention, concentration and presence of heart is required. The zekr must start in the heart and expand to every part of ones being. There are various forms of zekr one of which starts very slowly, gradually builds up to a peak and slows back down and comes to an end. With the eyes closed looking into the heart the seeker moves from left to right, right to left creating the sign of infinity whilst tapping on the knees and singing a particular phrase or verse.

The stages that the seeker should undergo in zekr are for him or her to let go of all worldy thoughts and desires and then the seeker who is witnessing the presence, loses themselves in the zekr, everything perishes but the Beloved. All the motions become one wave and unified with He who is the strength and essence of all beauty.